Kevin Banker


Kevin Banker


P: 970-306-5650

Photographer ... Digital Cinematographer ... Timelapser ... Digital Media Juggernaut

For the last 16 years Kevin Banker has been providing Photography and Digital Media services to many Resorts, Architecture and Interior Design Firms, Real Estate Companies, Magazines, and Advertising Clients all over the United States and abroad. 

Starting out as a Commercial Director and DP for ABC/FOX right out of college, he honed his skills as a phenomenal camera operator, and then turned his sights onto Still Photography. Quickly he was recognized for his creative compositions, beautiful lighting, and wonderful client camaraderie.    

Back in 2006 after working freelance for many great production companies and editorial entities, he formed Banker Optical Media, which combined his Still Photography and DP Skills into one company. During this time he was able to use his two methods of image capture and manipulation to work into many Editorial and Ad Campaigns dual needs for motion and still images with the advent newer digital viewing platforms. 

Now in 2017 Kevin has been able to add a few more skills to his already overflowing bag of image creation tricks. He has taken Banker Optical Media, and transformed it into Banker Cinefoto. Specializing in Architectural, Advertising, and Editorial Photography, as well as offering stunning Digital Cinematography, and Motion Timelapse. Combined with Part 107 FAA Licensed UAVs Aerial Imagery, Banker Cinefoto is a "One Stop Shop" for any form of Digital Image Creation and Manipulation you may need. 

He also makes amazingly addictive fresh roasted green chile salsa!




Clients Include:

Ritz Carlton

Four Seasons

Vail Resorts

Rock Resorts

Destination Resorts

Westin Resorts

Crescent Moon Pictures

Stovall Studio

Mine Studios

Savannah Magazine

The South Magazine

The Savannah Convention and Visitors Bureau

Slifer Smith and Frampton Real Estate


Honda Powersports

GM Vortec Power Hour



And many more.....