I've recently been living and working in North Carolina and spending time with my family for the last couple of months. It's given me a wonderful perspective on my life and where I want to be. I've also gotten to work with a very fun publication while I've been here called O'Henry Magazine. They focus on the "Art and Soul" of Greensboro, and they kind of give me free reign to shoot what I think looks best. I love that kind of creative freedom. 

 For my most recent project we were shooting Architecture in a very interesting home near Lake Higgins. As I pulled up to the house that chilly morning, the first thing I noticed was the juxtaposed exterior. The home is a combination of classic and rustic. Smooth white pillars paired with a reclaimed barn wood pavilion. I knew right off that this home was going to be fun to capture.

 I was met at the door by Johannah Stern, a vibrant and very welcoming person. She showed me around the home for a bit, and it was great to see that the interior was just as unique as the exterior. A combination of country patterns and clean modern lines. Though a good portion of those modern lines were created by reclaimed wood. Very distinctive of the love for the country feel that the owner has.

 We shot all day, chasing the light around the home. As an Architectural Photographer I love shooting a variety of styles, but there is something to be said about shooting a setting to show off the natural, beautiful light. "This screams clean, white and natural", I said to myself during the scout of the property.

 After shooting and having a great on-set day with the owner and client, I set out to shoot the exterior. I felt it really needed to be a twilight shot. One, because its Winter, and daytime didn't do the beautiful home justice. Two, it just seemed like a home that would glow. 

 It turned into a great pictorial for the home, and there were so many wonderful images captured that day. It truly is a great time when creatives can come together, have fun, and produce fantastic results, all within meeting for the first time.